At Lou Malnati’s in the Gold Coast, find Deep-Dish Pizza with a Pet Friendly Patio

It’s a Chicagoan’s rite of passage to argue about who has the best deep-dish pizza in town.

There are so many factors that make up the quintessential Chicago pie, and we could talk ad nauseum about who offers the best slice. For anyone who has yet to experience deep dish pizza, might we suggest taking a moment out of your day to read this simple yet delectable description from BBC:

“Slice into a deep-dish pizza and your knife sinks through layers of meat and vegetables, thin tomato sauce, dense mozzarella cheese and finally, a resistant cracker-like crust. The cake-like pan is first coated in olive oil, then topped with a white and semolina flour dough mixture, which gets pressed against the deep pan’s round bottom and edges. The olive oil slightly fries the dough during the baking process, giving it a distinct golden crunch. Before hitting the oven, a layer of sliced mozzarella is covered with vegetables and meats, typically Italian sausage, then topped with a sweet layer of crushed tomatoes. The inverted layers of ingredients prevent the cheese from burning, while the meat, vegetable, sauce and crust marry their flavours.”

Like Dean Martin once crooned: ‘that’s amore’.

The History of Lou Malnati’s

Lou Malnati’s is without a doubt one of the top pizza players in town. They’re also considered the oldest family name in Chicago ‘za – Lou Malnati opened his first pizzeria in 1971, and it’s been a family-owned business ever since. Each and every pizza is handmade from scratch, utilizing California vine-ripened tomatoes, an exclusive sausage blend when appropriate, and fresh mozzarella cheese from the same small dairy farm that has supplied Lou’s for over 40 years.

The Dog Friendly Patio at Lou Malnati’s in the Gold Coast

Armed with all this tasty knowledge, we’ll also have you know that the largest Lou’s location just happens to be right here in the Gold Coast, and even offers a dog-friendly patio to boot. Maybe you’ll decide to share, leaving your pup feeling extra lucky that day. However, having indulged in Lou’s signature buttery crust on more than one occasion, we recommend ordering extra if that’s the case.

Lou Malnati’s is located at 1120 N State St, Chicago, IL 60610 in the Gold Coast neighborhood.
Seating is available on a first-come, first-serve basis; further information can be obtained online.