Discover Craft Cocktails at Z Bar in the Peninsula Hotel

When it comes to upscale luxury, Z Bar delivers first class cocktails.

Perched atop the 5-star Peninsula Hotel, Z Bar offers stunning views of the skyline, plush and posh seating, and a gorgeously curated outdoor terrace. Unconventional libations with rare spirits are aplenty; you too can order a shareable drink served inside a literal disco ball (that will set you back 3 digits).

Do we have your interest piqued?

One doesn’t just drink a cocktail; one experiences a cocktail. It’s all about the marriage of well-tailored ingredients to create a deliciously harmonious beverage.

Z Bar’s Resident Mixologist

Vlad Novikov acts as Z Bar’s resident mixologist and Director of Cocktails and Culture, and employs his seasoned chemistry background when inventing revolutionary recipes. Beyond his pedigree, there is an engrained passion and spark for the art of presentation that makes spending a night at Z Bar transcendent.

For Novikov, selecting the vessel that delivers the cocktail is just as important as the drink itself. “You pick up the glass and you feel good already. I think stemware is meant to—as if I was presenting your cocktail to you in my hands. I’m presenting you with this gift. They have to make you feel the way the drink makes you feel,” he explains.

The Atmosphere at the Peninsula Hotel

With a space featuring fifteen-foot windows and a large skylight to compliment the aforementioned balcony, the atmosphere is equally as committed to reeling you in. Novikov says, “whatever the mood is outside, it’s transferred very beautifully to the inside. It’s not like we’re dimming the lights and making nighttime fun—the Earth is dimming the lights.”

It’s a romantic notion. And a seductive one.

So what do you say – feel like a drink sprinkled with 24K gold tonight?

Z Bar is located at 108 E Superior St in the Streeterville neighborhood, just south of Chicago’s Gold Coast.

Reservations can be made online. Outdoor seating is available on a first -come, first-serve basis.