Indoor/Outdoor Living in a Gold Coast Apartment

Transforming your apartment into an at-home oasis means taking advantage of both its indoor and outdoor areas. Adding key elements to these living spaces helps to create a cohesive environment that allows you and your guests to relax and decompress any day of the week. At Gild, more than half of our apartment homes feature a balcony or large terrace, meaning that you have the unique opportunity to embrace nature in the Gold Coast year-round.

Gild Chicago how to incorporate indoor outdoor living in your apartment


Incorporating nature and bringing the outside in has benefits beyond aesthetics. Plant life within a home will help freshen the air, remove harmful toxins, improve concentration, and boost productivity. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a reason not to add a few leafy friends to your living space, from reducing stress to improving mood.

When foraging for the right apartment plants, look for low-maintenance greenery that doesn’t require direct sun or fertilization. If you spot a sun-bathing beauty that you just have to have, ensure that you know which windows in your apartment provide the best solar environment for the plant to thrive.

Don’t have a green thumb? Succulents are extremely easy to care for, and a great way to hone your plant parent skills. Additionally, faux plants still work wonders to help visually revitalize a space. Chicago has numerous local nurseries to visit for inspiration, including the Gold Coast’s Green Inc, located on Wells Street.

Learn more about incorporating plants into your home in our handy blog post, All about Plants in your Gild Apartment Home.

Gild Chicago How to Incorporate Indoor Outdoor Living in your Gold Coast Apartment


Hanging baskets are ideal for outdoor living spaces and are a great way to add colorful, vertical focal points (making your area feel bigger and brighter)! If your apartment building has restrictions against hanging items outdoors, here’s a quick fix: find a planter of your choice, cut off the hanging arm, and place the hanging basket inside. Voila! You’ve transformed your hanging basket into a lush, potted plant.

Railing planters are perfect for urban gardens as well, creating a lush floral sanctuary surrounding your space. Potted succulents transition to the outdoors easily; might we also suggest growing mint, basil, and other herbs to create a curated indoor-outdoor experience?

Gild Chicago How to Incorporate Indoor Outdoor Living in your Gold Coast Apartment


If you’re looking to score a deal on patio furniture, shopping between August and October is critical – you can expect to find higher product stock coupled with lower markdown prices. Just don’t wait too long … once the thick of winter has arrived, inventory won’t be replenished again until the coming spring. If the warmer months still have you yearning for a balcony refresh, there are plenty of deals to be discovered. Online shopping with retailers like Wayfair, Overstock, and Amazon will provide the deepest discounts. Target, Home Depot, and Kohls are also known to feature strategic sales throughout the year. If you’re looking for inspiration or to splurge, head just a few blocks away to the Gold Coast’s Restoration Hardware and peruse lush outdoor options and chic patio décor in person.


Accessorizing is key to creating the home of your dreams. In your apartment home in the Gold Coast, throw pillows are an easy way to incorporate more color and personality, while blankets add warmth and texture to any room. Empty wall space can be filled with art, hanging textiles, or a gallery wall that exudes personality and character. Adding unique lamps is an easy way to alter and elevate the vibe of your space dramatically.

Gild Chicago How to Incorporate Indoor Outdoor Living in your Gold Coast Apartment


We hope this guide will provide you with suggestions on how to incorporate indoor/outdoor living at Gild, apartment homes in Chicago’s Gold Coast. These tips and tricks will help you fill your home with beautiful greenery and decor to boost your mood and compliment your style. After all, Gild apartment homes are designed to be elegantly timeless to elevate apartment living beyond expectation. Ready to claim your new address at Gild? Learn more about our apartments in Chicago’s Gold Coast, and contact our team with any questions.