Where to find the Best Coffee in Chicago’s Gold Coast

Chicago is home to nearly 40 coffee roasteries, and it’s nearly impossible to even begin to tally the local counters that serve them all. However, we’ve taken the liberty to highlight a few of our Gold Coast favorites. You be the judge as to which brew reigns supreme!

California Coffee meets Chicago’s Gold Coast

Philz – 1555 N Wells St

This San Francisco gem has quickly gained popularity in the Windy City since arriving in 2019, and their Gold Coast location is now one of five in the Chicagoland area. Just steps from the Chicago History Museum and the Lakefront path, Philz is situated between the Gold Coast and Old Town neighborhoods. There’s no need to walk up to the register and order your ‘usual’ when visiting Philz. Instead, you’re greeted by a barista who helps you arrive at your desired beverage of choice, based on your preferences. Customization is their claim to fame, and owner Jacob Jaber says a Philz employee once made a spreadsheet showing the 4 million potential drink combinations that can be ordered. Be still, our over-caffeinated hearts.

Authentic Brazilian Food and Coffee to Pair

PiniPico – 1538 N Clark St

This Brazilian coffee spot specializes in pão de queijo, a classic “cheese bread” that’s filled with a variety of different ingredients daily – jalapeño, bacon, and Nutella, to name a few. Along with a standard coffee menu, visitors are also treated to unique specialty lattes like cardamom rose matcha, honey bourbon almond, and a piña colada iced chai. Calgon, take us away.

Photo Credit by Pinipico

Artisanal Coffee in the Heart of Oak Street’s Shopping District

La Colombe – 4 E Elm St

With 5 Chicago locations and their canned beverages gracing the shelves of groceries across the country, there’s more than one reason to stop into La Colombe for your daily cup. To start? Their in-house draft latte: an addictive combination of cold pressed espresso and frothed milk. This location at the corner of E Elm St and N State St is perfectly situated for a mid-shopping pick-me-up. Just a few blocks away on Oak Street, you’ll find Gold Coast retailers including luxury brands like Prada, Christian Louboutin, and Tory Burch. In Chicago’s Gold Coast, craftsmanship and quality is valued and La Colombe is no exception. If you peek behind the curtain, you’ll also learn about the quality of La Colombe’s partnerships. They pride themselves on long-term relationships with small-holder farms and socially responsible coffee growing associations. It tastes and feels good to enjoy artisanal coffee at La Colombe.