Foxtrot, A New Kind of Corner Store in the Gold Coast

Have you ever wished to have a pre-batched cocktail, a curated cheese board, and a hand-selected gift delivered to your Gold Coast doorstep in one fell swoop?

Enter: Foxtrot – a better kind of convenience.

Dreamt up right here in Chicago, Foxtrot Market began as an app-based delivery platform for beer and wine. Eventually (and thankfully), they opened their first storefront in 2015. Since, Foxtrot has become a fabulous trifecta of delivery, café, and curated groceries and goods aimed at adventuresome millennials. They have locations across multiple Chicago neighborhoods, including right here in our beloved Gold Coast.

A far cry from its initial online-only interaction, part of what makes Foxtrot so successful is that it embraces neighborhood, literally and figuratively. CEO and co-founder Mike LaVitola said that even throughout the pandemic Foxtrot was “fortunate to see [their] stores continue to thrive, and act as true hubs of the community when people are seeking connection.”

While delivery is still a much-appreciated Foxtrot convenience (and is guaranteed to be on your doorstep within 30 minutes), when you step inside their Gold Coast location, we have a feeling you’ll want to stay awhile.

From Wine Delivery to Highly Curated Market

Once inside Foxtrot, you’ll find clean lines and whimsical illustrations as part of their sharp yet inviting branding. Their shop is full of a fantastic array of groceries and goods. The opportunity to grab a latte whilst you browse high-end products and decide between adaptogen chocolate or upcycled dried apricots is, quite frankly, a luxurious way to spend an afternoon. Foxtrot provides high-end coffee shop vibes as opposed to your standard grocery store.

The Fine Details

For whomever in your life deserves a special treat, Foxtrot also offers boxed gifts and nationwide shipping. You’ll even have the option to build-it-yourself or elect to have Foxtrot curate a box for you.

Talk about service!

Additionally, Foxtrot recently introduced their own liquor brand. Named “Play it Nice,” this locally-sourced vodka can be purchased on its own, or as a delicious pre-bundled set with mixers for you to indulge in at home.

For their grand finale, Foxtrot even offers CBD products for pickup or delivery. Beyond your standard oils and soft gels, you can select the “Dad Grass 5-pack”, consisting of 5 pre-rolled CBD joints nestled inside a perfectly vintage-esque container. They also offer CBD gummies, seltzers, and bath bombs, oh my!

The future of retail is right here in the Gold Coast at our very own Foxtrot Market.

Visit Foxtrot Market in the Gold Coast located at 23 West Maple Street.